And the Thunder Rolls …

One of my favourite things to do on a grey and rainy day is to stay in my pajamas.  For me, it’s almost as if this one semi-subversive act ensures a number of my other favourite things will fall right into place: reading, drinking hot beverages, cuddling on the couch, movies, staring blissfully out the window …

It’s funny.  I never thought that I would turn into this homebody.  It wasn’t that long ago that I would get up at 5.30 on a Friday morning to go to work and finally plunk myself back in bed 20-some hours later, only to fill the rest of my weekend with a host of energetic activities.

The thing is, I don’t even miss the chaos.  These days, I’m happy to pull out a book on a weekend night or, like last night, spend the evening digging up lawn, planting seeds, eating takeout, and drinking wine.

It was a gorgeous day yesterday — spring with more than a hint of summer.  On Friday morning, on my way to a volunteer gig, I saw more than one person smiling to themselves as they walked down the street.  I love that!  And yesterday was the physical manifestation of that feeling.  It was like the whole world was smiling to themselves, happily humming a tune that seemingly appeared from nowhere.

I’m excited about summer — but I haven’t forgotten spring.  How can I?  As I stare out my window today, I have a view of all the amazing spring-like things that are happening.  Here are a few of them:

Spring in my house means the Peace Lilies get ready to flower.  They become the Divas of our houseplants, water addicts and attention-fiends.  But, in a couple of short weeks, they become something really beautiful.  This is just the beginning.

Peace Lily


And then, outside the confines of my apartment is the backyard.  The reason I’m here at Zero Mile Diet.  We dug up another patch of lawn last night, and we’re ready to seed it with intention.  But, before I got my hands dirty, I dug out the camera to show you a few other friends.


Garlics Pushing Through


I’m not sure who this one is.  I have a feeling it’s our Gooseberry bush, but Mr. Zero Mile Diet, or maybe one of you, might be able to set me straight on this.  I welcome comments any time.



Gooseberry Budding?


Finally, our little Pine.  I got this little one as a seedling from an Expo of sorts.  It’s now a good two feet tall and happy as can be in its pot.  I’m too attached to it to put it in the ground and, as renters, that defaults to it living in a pot until we have some big sprawling property where we can plant it properly.  Still, its little spring buds tell me that it’s doing just fine.



Pine Baby


As Spring comes into its full glory, I welcome this grey and rainy day.  Push those seeds further into the ground, rain, let them open and show their full colours.

Hmmm … This calls for another hot beverage.


Back To The Future

To Spring, that is!  And back to the Signs of Spring series.  I think we all got caught a little off-guard by that brief spell of re-wintering…even if we were watching the Weather on television.  Most people I know went into a regression of sorts; frustrated and upset with their lives and, in particular, the lack of movement in them.  I think that’s because spring is a time of growth and renewal.  After a long winter, most of us want to crawl out of our respective burrows and greet life with a sense of brand-new-ness.  I know I do.

So in grand deference to the sunshine and the cracked windows; with respect for the playing children in the schoolyard who have dashed their coats aside; and in celebration of the first cup of coffee on the backporch this season…a few signs of spring.



…and because I just adore their little kitty-faces…even if they are just begging for dinner…


Happy Springing!